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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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bernstein has today's forecast. >> yeah, i much better finish, sunshine in spots, this morning, stepping out, especially out and east of town, heavier showers, north and west fairly isolated heavier stuff in charles county southwestern prince george's, clinton dliping andre -- clipping andreas but upper marlboro, not much activity but lighter rains in fairfax, west of 95, heavier showers in the northern neck now moving in towards southern maryland, highs of sun, upper 50s to low 60s, larry? upper metro wants you to watch out for delays on the blue and silver line because of malfunction, delays, as well as wheelie, buses on schedule, for folks inside the district we have a lane blocked this is eastbound mass ave heading toward wisconsin avenue. here's a live shot from the scene right now, so you can see
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that high standing water in place, certainly affecting the morning commute, even see this driver getting ready to head out the direction of the high standing water and splash all over the place, folks take it easy because it's certainly a mess. your next traffic update coming up in 10 minutes over to you. police in prince george's county hoping to have more answers for one family in sea brook. >> parents are fearing a man stabbed to death at a local school their son. delia goncalves is live with the latest on what we know so far, delia? >> reporter: a parents' worst nightmare, reyes said he had that terrible feeling in his gut when thiz son -- his son did not return at home on time so i came to the scene at gaywood. the man stabbed in the chest, his body found in the basketball court behind gaywood elementary school monday afternoon. douglas reyes says his 24-year-old son used to play basketball here, he's afraid that murder victim is his child. >> it wouldn't be able to defend himself, only, his right hand
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wasn't, he didn't have control of his right hand, he wasn't, a little bit difficult for him to run so, it might be very difficult to escape from a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: we are still pressing police for more information about this murder, but this morning, still no word on who this victim is, we're still going to try to get those answers for you, of course, the school closed for the holiday. we'll have much more on the timeline of the events coming up at 6:30. live in sea brook, delia goncalves, wusa9. new this morning, a death investigation from last week turns in to a murder case. police say 18-year-old dennis montefo of adelphi was killed, he was found in silver spring last week, 19-year-old mejiha of
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hyattsville and riveras of adelphi, charged with murder, police think more people involved. the van driver in the freddie gray case now set to begin january 11 trial, originally january 6 the judge will use this time to consider pretrial motions officer goodson faces the charge of second degree murder, william porter's trial ended in hung jury. urging for calm this morning, bracing for possible protests after a grand jury voted not to indict two police officers for the shooting and killing of 12-year-old tamir rice, who was playing what turned out to be a pellet gun, prosecutors say human error and miscommunication are to blame for this incident, walter madison represents the rice family. >> there was an expectation that this would be the outcome of a grand jury process, but there's nothing like knowing it's real now, and they have to live withl
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under restrictive duty at this point, cleveland's mayor expressed sympathy to the rice family and promised to conduct the city probe, the department of justice says it is also conducting its own independent review. snow and freezing rain swept through parts of northeast over night as a major winter storm system marches across the country, part of the deadly winter storm that already brought severe weather to the south and midwest. nearly an inch of ice was left behind on some roadways in oklahoma, where power and heat were knocked out to thousands. >> got three little ones and then my grandmother who's elderly, so, trying to do the best we can. >> in some places like missouri, authorities are now monitoring river levels following torrential rainfall. at least 43 people have died in the last few days vults -- as a result of this whield weather, this storm -- wild weather, this
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storm system expected to come out. two people arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in brussels over the holidays. the arrests made during searches in the brussels area where police found military type training uniforms, pop began -- propaganda details from the islamic group, not known if the suspects why men or women, all will be analyzed. back to you. nasa is giving us a glimpse what it would be like to see pluto through a stained glass window. >> you may be asking, what's the point? this newly released video helped scientists make a huge discovery, nasa researchers found water ice on pluto using data tr this video you -- from this video you see here, from the july fly by, it shows pluto using infrared technology. >> this is also the first actual video of pluto's surface, we did see images before this, but those were zoomed in still
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pictures, so that's pretty neat. california seems release following a -- seeks release following a two month long methane gas leak. and cuban migrants making their way to the united states. show you how things are shaping up at new hampshire road, keneworth at eastern on 295 making way toward the 11th street bridge, no issues but wet roads, certainly in the district, high standing water in some prais place ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something
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alert weather. >> 6:08, busy, probably about 9:00, 10:00, as we look at doppler, a lot of rain, especially south and east of washington, all moving off toward the northeast, maybe east, northeast, north and west of town, isolated showers, south and east, a far different story with a light to occasionally moderate rain there, you see the 301 corridors all lit up in green, yellow between waldorf and upper marlboro, shady side, annapolis, then in southern maryland, boy, southern strks st. mary's and calvert, down toward ridge and lennon town, then there's more rain coming outf the charlottes area, east and northeast toward fredericksburg and southern maryland, that's why we're keeping that yellow weather alert a little longer, the 30s west 50s on the eastern shore so we got to get rid of that cold air wedge against the mountains i think we're low with a little sun this afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s. let's check in now with larry, he's got time saver traffic.
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>> yeah, keeping a close eye on the beltway right now we have the shoulder blocked this is between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue as a result of an accident, there is a live look right now just from our camera close by to show us how things are shaping up on the beltway on connecticut avenue, again, no major issues either on the in outer loop, doesn't look like it's slowing traffic, i think you'll be good to go as you head out in that area. live look shows how things are shaping up on new hampshire and adelphi, reports of a collision out in that stretch of new hampshire avenue but looks like it's clear at this point certainly good to go in that area, wet roads slowing down commuters causing a few problems here and there, make sure you take it easy. coming up after the sfroerk, we'll -- seven-day forecast, we'll have your drive times and how thing are shaping up on metro, over to you. an unusual sighting on a highway in northern calendars -- california.
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>> what snarled traffic but kept people amused, a cute story.
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today is a yellow weather alert day, now here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> so i had to drive in the rain, but you're saying it's going to break up soon. >> yeah, north of town, it's
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closed. a little bit of that drizzle north and west, couple showers, all south and east, i think that's where the threat will remain for the next two to three hours, by 10:00, most of this is done and look forward to a better afternoon with perhaps some sunshine in spots, and mild upper 50s and low 60s so a little bit better than yesterday, a little bit better than what we're going to see for the second half of the week. let's show you the forecast because that earlier rain and shower threat will give way to some afternoon clearing and mild temperatures from 58 to 64, in fact, we're not that far from it, our far southeast and suburbs, maybe in the northern neck, fredericksburg could be in the mid 60s this afternoon, everything moving northeast, dc, not much showing up, even this next batch coming up out of the charlottesville region, looks like it will track to maybe south of washington, prince george's county, southern maryland, stafford, those areas certainly have to watch out for that. in town, quantico, there is drizzle, patch of fog, spoke to
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jan down, she's got fog, 58, 57 with the clouds, most of the rain along the east and 301 corridor, especially toward southern maryland, we're seeing originals and yellows in southern calvert, prince, the rain picks up, much worse than going to la pueta, this batch of rain from charlottesville to richmond, north fredericksburg, southern maryland, than here in washington. this is a classic example of what we call old air damming where the cold air is cut up against the mountains, temperatures on the other side of the mountains in the 50s and a warm sector, 50s and even mid 60s now, we're hanging out of the 30s and 40s, for now, but i'm thinking we can get rid of that cold air, if we don't, 50s this the mid otherwise, 62 a little sun in spots, for the afternoon, with the showers, about 9:00, 10:00, drop the yellow weather alert by then, 40s tonight, mid 50s, a chance for afternoon and evening
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showers, thursday for, boy, it's going to be breezy and cool, but not a bad finish to the year at 54, so dry just chilly for new year's eve, and then friday through monday, hello january, you look almost normal, still a few degrees above average, dry, highs in the 40s, over to larry miller find out how normal or not looking out on the roads. >> yeah, looks like things will normalize a bit, what you want to hear, normal service back on the blue and valley ver lines at -- silver lines at morgan boulevard, getting that train malfunction out of resolve, buses running on schedule, want to let you know train 300 at union station running on "s" schedule for train riders, vre on schedule. high standing water certainly an issue this morning, live look at how things shaping up here this is new hampshire avenue at adelphi, looks like we have a crash here at this point that's going to cause problems for commuters travelling on new hampshire avenue, want to watch out if you're travelling on either side of that road this
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morning. if we can, want to show you that high standing water we have, might be on route 8 -- there you go, okay. the high standing water impacting our commuters this morning, this is eastbound close to wisconsin avenue, this is actually eastbound mass ave, approaching wisconsin avenue, be mindful, high standing water in a few areas, this is still a factor out in this part of town at this point. back to the mess right now want to show you how things are shaping up, southbound on 295 from low boyer road, betting road northeast, 15 minute commute, northbound on 95 starting at dumpy's road making your way to i-395, 16 minute commute with no issues, send it over to you. >> thank you, larry. 6:17, some of the stories in the news, significantly more police officers are dying in the line of duty than this time last year. we're going to get more specific information from the national
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law enforcement officers memorial fund, how they were killed like firearms, traffic incidents or other causes. methane gas is continuing to spew in to the air in a small town in california, it's called porter ranch, which is north of los angeles, thousands have been forced to evacuate, and now southern california gas company is agreeing to relocate residents who are affected by this leak, homeowner matt says this gas leak is taking its toll. >> can't work in here, can't breath, when it comes, the gas comes in here, i can't work. >> the music producer woshs out of husband -- works out of his home, the leak started back in october, estimated nearly 70,000 pound of gas being released every hour. this morning, hard rock fans mourning the passing of motorhead frontman ian lemmy kilmister, he died in los angeles after a brief battle with cancer, in his decades as
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motorhead's lead singer, he led concerts with we are motorhead, we play rock n roll, with the mutton chops and moustache, he was 70 years old. the iraqi military waves the flag over rahmadi, after clinching the liberation, pok epts of isis extremists may remain in the city, but says is they no longer face resistance in the city. and thousands of cuban migrants will soon be allowed to enter central america, it will airlift cuban migrants from that country to el salvador in january, from there they'll continue by bus towards mexico. the number of cubans stranded in costa rica has reached 8,000 since neighboring nicaragua closed its border to them weeks ago. and traffic back to normal in a major california highway this morning, after a one very
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determined elephant seal snarled the afternoon commute. >> awe, huge! >> this is a scene on highway 37 in sonoma, can you imagine being a traffic reporter? >> how do you do that? [ laughter ] >> that seal climbed outd of the -- out of the water, made a dash, wildlife services returned that loose seal to safety in the marina, adorable. >> it is cute. did you get one of those fitness trackers for christmas? which one takes the crown for the christmas day downloads. >> and you've got a doen, what you're require -- drone, what you're required to do before flying. few showers coming out of west virginia haigerstown, drizzle around as well, a dam start, looks like a much better finish, your tuesday forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. making your way prosecute suitland in -- from suitland in to town, no issues but the wet roads having an impact for commuters, primarily in
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northwest dc, take it easy out there. and we do have a tu accidents -- few accidents, in the outer loop slowing commuters down, get
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watch the doppler radar as it heads out of the dc area as you head up to work, if you're going to work, you are going to see wet roads and ponding in many places, add some extra
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time, just be careful. 6:23, time for your money, amazon's prime service makes big gains, the retail giant added 3 million people to its subscription service, i'm one of them, bringing the total, number of total prime numbers to tens of millions, worldwide. and it's a very, merry christmas for fitness tracking device maker fit bit. the company's app was the most downloaded on apple's app store christmas day. its shares jumped 4% following the strong holiday sales. the faa's drone registration website officially open, must submit names and addresses to a national database for a $5 fee or face heavy fines if you already own a drone, you have until february 19 to register, and if you're getting a drone, you have to register, they say, before its first flight.
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whole foods has announced it will pay a settlement over allegations it overcharged kuchts -- customers in new york city, back in june city officials say they tested dozens of prepackaged foods like chicken tenders and shrimp they found to be mislabelled when it comes to the weight and they found that mislabelling on all of them. whole foods said it's going to pay the city half a million dollars as well as conduct regular product audits. you know the "big bang theory" theme song, "soft kitty" prt show, made famous by sheldon who sings it multiple times onts show, now a wealthy heir to a teacher in new hampshire is saying their mother, edith newland wrote a poem about soft kitty back in 1930 so now they're suing cbs for unspecified damages. how much money will be be willing to shell out a copy of your beloved pet, why that's trending. >> yeah, a real copy, not a
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photocopy, a real copy. plus, don't trip your vacation to new york yet, hundreds of places you can do your unusual new year's celebration. most of the place getting ready from 30s warming in to 49 in north beach, mid to upper 40s in the immediate metro, showers but a much better afternoon, i'll tell you about that with your tuesday forecast from the other side of the break. high standing water certainly an issue around town it remains so, especially here on mass ave, heading eastbound toward wisconsin avenue, so just be mindful of that this morning. we're seeing not only the high standing water but a few accidents around town, primarily on the inner, outer loop on montgomery county, [male announcer] in ireland, we live in
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this is "wake up, washington" on wusa9. >> just about 6:30, if you're waking up with us on your vacation, we thank you for that, heavy rain left ponding on the roads this morning, as you move out, keep an eye out for that, the drizzle expected to continue as we head out this morning, thing are getting better as we continue this morning. good morning, i'm debra alfarone, thanks for waking up with us with "wake up, washington ". >> i'm mike hydeck, larry miller has the xwhut, light one -- commute, light one, plenty of
6:30 am
weather, howard bernstein has the yellow weather alert, howard? >> yeah, heavy types of rien, light rain, the heaviest coming from southern maryland earn shore, showers from the hagerstown area, you saw a moment ago and from cull pepper, now trying to move in to areas of prince county but luckily prince george's county, lighter showers to albemarle, temps in the 40s give or take but it will be better this afternoon, upper 50s, low 60s let's check in with larry miller. >> parts of montgomery county at this point, blocked on the georgia avenue and connecticut avenue, not much in the way, much in the way of delays, excuse me, along that stretch but you'll need to be mindful as you head out the door, this accident causing issues on the
6:31 am
inner loop between 355 examine connecticut, two lanes blocked from our traffic lane cam, delays as you approach that area, so you will need to add about five to 10 minutes to your morning commute, the next traffic commute in 10 minutes, send it over to you. detectives in prince george's county are hoping tips from neighbors are going to help them solve a murder. >> yeah, the man's bod -- body found in sea brook, that's where we find delia goncalves with the latest. >> reporter: this morning police are telling us they're following several strong leads talking to a number of witnesses who were here at gaywood elementary school at the time, meanwhile a local family on edge fearing this murder victim could be their son. >> the 3:00 p.m. he texts me medicine, realing he wasn't home at 5:00. >> reporter: so dug ras reyes came -- douglas reyes came to the crime scene, a man's body found stabbed in the chest behind the school the discovery made around 4:00 monday
6:32 am
afternoon. reyes says his 24-year-old son plays ball here, and would not be able to defend himself if something went wrong. now, reyes goes on to explain that his son has disabilities, he like to play ball here but has poor function of his hands and can't really run well ve well, he -- very well, he said his son couldn't escape if something did indeed go terribly wrong, we'll press police for information and get an i.d. on this victim and try to talk to the reyes family as well to see how they're doing today. that's the latest hear from sea brook, delia goncalves, wusa9. we now know the name of a cyclist killed in an accident in montgomery county, frank lawrence towers of rockville, around veers mill road and turkey brank parkway, the man -- branch parkway, the man driving the toyota four runner is juan orliana of sandy spring, he did stay at the crash scene, determining whether or not he'll face any charges in this. a woman in critical
6:33 am
condition this morning following a crash in a whole foods parking garage. this accident happened at the whole foods store on clarendon boulevard, the fire department said the driver suffered some sort of medical emergency behind the wheel, her car crashed in to at least four other cars before it slammed in a pillar. one other driver suffered minor injuries. and this story we reported a couple of months ago, police confirming now two wood bridge 17-year-olds found dead inside a mini van back in october died in a murder/suicide, indya davis stabbed lyle ferringer br taking her -- before taking her own life, ferringer a senior at gar-field high school. nikki burdine at the live desk, the so-called affluenza teen and his mother taken in to custody in mexico, ethan couch and his mother, you may remember
6:34 am
he made headline two years ago sentenced to probation for killing four people while driving drunk, psychologists testified he should be given a lighter sentence because he was rich and his parents not strict enough, couch and his mother left, showing what appeared to be him at a party involving alcohol, if true that would be a violation of his probation which would send him to prison for 10 years, investigators believe his mother helped him escape, now i'll hop on my facebook in live stream, want to hear your thoughts about this story, back to you. we've all seen the famous ball drop in new york every new year's, but there are interesting traditions across the nation, we don't think peta might like this one but some protests, convenience store in brasstown, north carolina, they're promising to end in evening entertainment with the possum drop. >> really? >> that's a possum in a cage, it's a live animal. >> okay. hopefully the night won't end
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with a big splat in vincennnes, indiana, our producer might be going to watch the chick's pea drop, where those yummy treats are made. >> the candy. many peeps, i think. [ laughter ] #petpics9 send in your pictures, thank you, susan, pandora, my sweet cat. that's a nice name, beautiful christmas tree there. >> and elizabeth, nala, one of my four rescue kitties, that doesn't look real. and thank you, lizzie for sending in roxy and bella, watching the squirrels in the backyard. excellent, #petpics9 is wur you can send them -- where you can send them in. what would you do to keep your pet forever? >> testing the limits to keep their dog alive, that story coming up, you don't want to
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miss that. it is cool and damp, we've got a lot of drizzle here, especially north and west, the south and east heavier showers toward hagerstown and carlisle, another batch by 7:00 a.m. but overall a much better afternoon, i'll tell you about that coming up on the other side of the break. two lanes blocked on the inner loan of the beltway, between 255 and connecticut, the issues not only on the inner loop but the outer loop because of onlooker delays, a bit of a mess shaping up on the top
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today is a yellow weather alert day, now here's first alert weather. >> drizzle, looks like this will be off for the showers through tomorrow morning, but a better afternoon, temperature first and the heavier coat, 40 warrenton, leesburg 41, but to the east,
6:40 am
owens is 49, 47 marlboro, buoy, 45 and rockville as well 44, rain has been with us much of the night, in fact, we are seeing some breaks out authority and west, heaviest stuff in southern maryland now out towards the eastern shore, prince george's county, few showers there from upper marlboro east and the heavy weather in st. mary's now the bay and the eastern, but still areas of discovery -- drizzle, and fog, almost towards manassas, quantico headed your way, the showers possible through 10:00 a.m. and then we're going to be better this afternoon, i think some sunshine's going to break out and i mix of sun and clouds, upper 50s to low 60s, cool spots in the 50s. let's go over to larry miller right now, time saver traffic and all sorts of issues, larry. yeah, all sorts of issues on the roads or trains built of -- bit of a mess this morning, red
6:41 am
line commuters, single tracking on the red line because of a train malnction, you want to add anywhere from five to 10 minutes to your morning commute so you can get to your destination on time. meanwhile, we're still keeping a close eye on an accident in the inner loop, close to 355 but we have onlooker delays on the outer loop as well, so when you couple those situations together, we've got a bit of a mess on both sides of the beltway there in parts of montgomery county, add some additional time to your morning commute, get out of your trouble spots, southbound 295 near the 11 street bridge, kenilworth, you won't find issues, good to go there, eastbound on i-66 from areas like hey market, gainesville, you are certainly good to go as you make your way in to fairfax, roslyn in the key bridge in to keystone, drive times around the metro coming in the seven-day forecast, for now over to you.
6:42 am
do you always have trouble getting your kids to bed? >> coming up, netflix will help you trick them, going to bed before the ball drops, we'll show you how.
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6:45, good morning if you're just waking up, it has rained significantly overnight but it is moving out, howard says we might see sunshine later today, going to detail the forecast in just a little bit. so trending on facebook now, a couple actually goes to some extreme lengths to keep their beloved dog alive. >> and we love our pets but listen to this, this weekend they welcomed the birth of a puppy cloned from dna of their dog, dylan. so take a look at this picture, this guy's name is chance, and an english couple paid get this, $100,000, yeah, $100,000 to have two puppies cloned in south korea. the korean research center has cloned many animals
6:46 am
including dogs, pigs, and cows, the second puppy cloned from the dna is expected to be born today. >> it is kind of cute. >> yeah. >> a little weird. >> a lot of money i'll say. time to check with our partners at cbs this morning. >> anthony mason in new york with a preview, good morning! >> good morning, debra, good morning, mike, we're in minnesota tracking heavy snow moving across the country, plus we talk with tamir rice's grandmother after a grand jury decided not to charge police officers in the shooting death of a 12-year-old, also we look at the spike in injuries from people looking at their phones instead of where they're walking, and meet the american entrepreneur who found a business opportunity helping chinese people find english nicknames, the news is back in the morning, we'll see you all at 7:00. >> now that is a peculiar business! [ laughter ] >> absolutely! have a great show. . all right, weather time now, first look at the weather time, yellow weather alert day but
6:47 am
it's moving out. >> yeah, showers and drizzle, want you to look at this picture of the washington monument, at least half of the monument, which is, it was there a minute ago, low clouds and fog around, drizzle and some showers, and, you know, the washington monument, the base of it is right there; right there. so from there on up, we can't see the top up due to the low clouds in town. i do expect the showers on and off probably through 9:00, 10:00 and then, got my fingers crossed going to get some sunshine in the afternoon, that will help boost temps to the upper 50s and 60s, low 40s some in spots rain a bit ave problem -- of a problem, but not done completely, dry areas at the moment, not being picked up some of the drizzle, cleared out of prince george's county, but clouds and drizzle and fog, dale city, new showers just off to your west, southern maryland, a lot quieter than we were 30
6:48 am
minutes ago, southern st. mary's, southern calvert seeing showers tr -- from solomon down to the ridge, this whole batch of rain, this moving very quickly off to the east northeast, 55, 60 miles an hour pushed by strong upper level winds, i-95 you see it lit up from quantico, dale city south and all moving east northeast very rapidly, so dc by 7:15 if not earlier, mechanicsville by 7:30 and annapolis at about 7:50 at this clip. cold air is in place and we call this cold air damming because the cold air gets dammed up, kind of like water on a dam, well, the cold air gets dammed up against the mountains the other side of the mountains in the 50s, this side in the 30s and you see this in norfolk, 67, 70 in virginia beach right now, so, this little wedge, this is what we have to try to dislodge and sometimes meteorologists, this stuff can give us
6:49 am
headaches, 47 national, light rain and drizzle, north northeast wind keeping the cold air in place and the storm system itself, it's up here, trying to push in to canada, that's the same one that brought all the deadly tornadoes to texas a few days ago, see how the back edge of the rain is moving east, give this a few more hours and we'll be in much better shape this afternoon, yes, pointing to weather up north, parts of northern main, six to 10 inches of snow, new england getting their first real snowstorm of the season. for us a better afternoon, 62 drop the yellow weather alert by mid morning to late morning, 40s tonight with mid 50s tomorrow, there's a chance of afternoon showers so, potentially a yellow weather alert, wednesday afternoon, we're watching that, thursday cool, 54 for new year's eve, new year's day 47 by saturday, sunday, and monday, that first weekend of january, cool but dry, highs in the mid to upper 40s, 6:49 here's larry miller, he's cool and dry. i'm cool, you know, i wanted
6:50 am
to tell you, i got a patty pie for christmas. >> i don't even know what that is. >> the sweet potato pie from patty labelle! man, that guy killing me! the pie was good by the way, i thoroughly enjoyed it. let's talk about the traffic around town right now. -- >> thanks for sharing! [ laughter ] >> you got it, got to love that guy. hey, again, the major issues that we have right now on the top side of the beltway, the left lane blocked on the outer loop, between connecticut avenue and 355. so, originally another accident similarly on the inner loop of the beltway, that's resolved but then again, a new issue on the outer loop, we had an issue, closer to that, near georgia avenue, so you couple that previous accident with this new one, plus the onlooker delays, both on the outer and inner loop, and you have a mess out there. you're looking at 10 to 15 minute delay in that area, if you add that you'll be good to
6:51 am
go. how thing are shaping up, new hampshire avenue at adelphi, earlier collision having an impact on traffic along new hampshire avenue, really going to affect both sides, so you want to add additional time to your morning commute, five minute will do you just fine, we expect this accident to wrap up shortly, in progress for about an hour at this point. back to the mess right now want to show you how things are shaping up, southbound on 295 travelling toward benning road northeast, looking at a 15 minute commute this morning, northbound on 95 on the virginia seed, starting at dellfry's road, no major issues, but the volume picking up closer to the beltway from sully road to l street northwest now a 25 minute commute this morning southbound on i-270 from georgia, germantown road near the beltway, 50 minute commute. want to het our mark train riders know everything running
6:52 am
on schedule, vre on schedule. delia? >> reporter: prince george's county police are hoping witnesses will help them solve a murder that happened here at gaywood elementary school in sea brook, we don't have an i.d. on the victim, but a local man came to the scene yesterday believed this murder victim could be his adult son who has disabilities. police say this man wa stab -- was stabbed it death on a basketball court behind the school around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, we don't have i.d., we will press police for more info and that will be on our wusa9. israel's top court reduces the sentence of olmert, 18 months instead of six years, the first israeli leader ever to serve behind bars, convicted in a wide ranging case that accused him of accepting bribes to promote a controversial real
6:53 am
estate project in jerusalem. olmert has denied any wrongdoing in the case. the white house says today the prime minister justin trude trudeau will come, in november for welcoming headlines refugees in his country and many of them. 17 detainees to be release from guantanamo in january transferred coming up next week, according to aenior official, the move comes as the obama administration continues efforts to reduce the population at that controversial detention center. tensions are high in cleveland, ohio after a grand jury declined to indict twos officers in the deadly shooting of tamir race. among them, rookie officer timothy loehmann who shot the 12-year-old last year after arriving. saying he was justified in his actions because he believed the young boy was a threat.
6:54 am
meanwhile, chicago mayor rahm emanuel returning from vacation to address the crisis involving the chicago police department. police shot examine killed -- and killed two people, 19-year-old lagreer and betty jones saturday, he wants an immediate review of how police responded to call involving police crisis or with mental health problems. parts of the northeast seeing the first snow of the winter season! as a result of the deadly winter storm system hitting parts of the country, on monday that system dumped heavy snow and ice on the nation's mid section sparking accidents and disrupting travel, heavy rain also triggered widespread flooding in the midwest and in the south. they want parents to have a little time with the grown ups, netflix announced it will host a special animated countdown, several of them on new year's eve for the little ones featuring the care bears and others, the idea they don't want kids to stay up until midnight to watch the new year's
6:55 am
countdown and that gives parents adult time to ring in the new year. i'm nikki burdine at the live desk if you were planning to going to new york city, and stopping by the olive garden, you want to rethink, unless you have 400ed in -- $400, dinner at the restaurant will include that much, open bar and buffet people, but get this, no bread sticks! as you can imagine, twitter is reacting to the news, i feel like they should guarantee a kiss at that price, agreed, keith. and shane says those bread sticks are a party in your mouth, but that's ridiculous. believe it or not, that's not even the most expensive spot, bubba gump will cost you $799 a person, i'm on my facebook, nikki burdine on facebook, talking about this, funny comments, can't wait to hear what you guys have to say. >> bubba gump's going to be
6:56 am
empty, at $799. kennedy center honors airs tonlt, the gal -- tonight, gala celebration aired earlier this month, you need to see the whole thing, honorees, sicily tyson, carol king, george lucas and conductor seiji ozawa airs tonight at 9:00. camp, cold morning, drizzle, at least through 9:00, 10:00 but a better afternoon and with luck we make 62 if we stay cloudy yeah, we'll hold in the mid 50s this afternoon, one of the tough ones, tomorrow mid 50s with a chance of showers in the afternoon and evening, and then we're drying out for new year's eve, so it will be a chill write but dry night and -- chilly but dry night, and then highs in the 40s, larry? still single tracking on the red line between 4th glen and wheaton, here's a live look, we've been reporting about standing water on mass avenue, we said it was eastbound in fact
6:57 am
it's southbound, so that's southbound heading toward wisconsin avenue, just a quick correction there, free and clear of any issues as you make your way in to town. >> wow. cbs this morning is next, going to show us the next companies helping airline passengers gets around all those dreaded change fees. plus, charlie rose sits down with george lucas to talk about his night at the kennedy center honors. >> yeah, we're going to be back in 25 minutes with more local news, weather, and traffic, hey, remember to download the wusa9 weather app because ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love.
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during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. good morning, it's tuesday, december 29th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly storm system delivers a winter punch to millions across the country. blizzard conditions strands thousands of holiday travelers. the so-called affluenza teenager is captured in mexico after weeks on the run with his mom. music lovers around the world remember motorhead front man lemmy kilmister. we look at his influence on generations of artists. >> we begin at this minute on today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>r youin a sceonari no one has been in. >> a


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